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The Screen Printing Process (cont.)


Inks have been specially designed for printing on fabrics for maximum washability and color-fastness.

An ink color can be created to match any shade or pantone that is required. The inks are then applied to their respective screens and a squeegee is placed in each screen.


A shirt is placed on the shirtboard part of the press. It’s carefully aligned so that the print is applied in the proper area on the shirt. The first screen is lowered onto the shirt and the squeegee is used to push the ink across the screen. A small amount of ink is forced through the mesh opening onto the shirt.

This is then repeated for each colour to be applied. The screen printing press is constructed with guides for the screens to be lowered into them so that the print will fall in exactly the same place each time.


During the print process it may be necessary to dry certain layers of ink before subsequent layers are printed. This is known as “flash” curing or “spot” curing. It allows multi colored prints to be created without the colors bleeding together to prevent blurry or mis-coloured prints. This is especially necessary when printing on dark shirts where an extra underprint of white is usually required in order to create a final print with vibrant colors.

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